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Safe Word - Reviews and Responses

"An intensely detailed sonic journey that puts your imagination through its paces...a truly unique and enthralling piece that is worth experiencing more than once. I cannot recommend it highly enough". (Exeunt Magazine - Full review here


"It seems that it is the secret theatre (in the widest sense) of humiliation and pain, joy and ecstasy experienced through all our senses that is challenged here and in the dark...Uneasy, distorting our ideas of control and vulnerability" (Theatre Bubble)


"Abandoning conventional linear narrative Fye and Foul have collaboratively written a powerful text that is deeply affecting and haunting. Using total darkness, acoustic and electro-acoustic sound design their words take on an almost physical force which assaults and seduces. In Safe Word, the audience is immersed in a strange nether world of physical and moral uncertainty in which the darkness becomes a disturbing and thrilling place to be subjected to ideas of cruelty and vulnerability. Bypassing the visual sense their text and sounds seem to pierce through the skin and slither between the ears creating a great sense of unease." (Tom Espiner, Sound&Fury)


"A highly inventive fusion of sound, narrative and live performance to create one of the most intriguing and disturbing pieces mediated through theatrical dark and gloom." (Maria Oshodi, Extant)


'’In the pitch black, Safe Word deftly and affectingly peels away any dramatic or theatrical components we might hope to cling to in the dark to orient ourselves as a spectator. It is a fascinating and affecting experiment constructed with great care and craft” (Liam Jarvis, Analogue) 


"Limiting the senses purely to the soundtrack allows the audience to fall and tumble straight into the depths of our imagination. The beauty is that no matter how much the duo behind Safe Word tries to control and lead, each person will see different shapes and forms emerge out of the dark and out of their subconscious" (Preview in Le Cool)


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