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Safe Word


Safe Word starts from an eerie whistle that unfolds to a series of images held in total blackout and plunges the audience in a sonic kaleidoscope. The audience, immersed in the dark, is transported to different scenarios that echo each other and blur the lines between kindness and cruelty. They are a part of a blind man’s search for extreme pleasure and his various fetish enterprises, undergo a cooking lesson by a cynical chef that teaches them how to make Foie Gras, witness the awkwardness of small-talks and share the fear and uneasiness of darkness.

Safe Word is an audio-based immersive piece in which text, voice and sound unfold in the dark. The show moves between live and recorded sounds, while also introducing sequences in low lights incorporating live performers that contribute to further create a powerful experience. The piece deals with issues of morality, pleasure, violence, transgression and disgust and how the unfamiliar context of total darkness affects the audience’s experience of such issues. Safe Word is an interdisciplinary piece constantly moving between theatre, performance and sound art. The performance plays with the audience perception, turns them into active listeners that are constantly questioning their surroundings. The show exposes the listener to a very tactile and unique journey that heightens other senses and allows them to peek to what they don’t normally hear.



Safe Word

Devised by Fye and Foul



Lise Aagaard Knudsen 

Mike Cole

Fintan Dineen

Lanna Jeoffrey

Blake Kubena

Amit Levi

Igor Memić 

Catherine Saffin 

Farokh Soltani 

Kate Ryan

Ross Virgo



Eleanor Fogg / Vjera Orbanic

Kate Ryan

Lisa Savini


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